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2.8 inch-Plastic mesh fencing-Road fence-Black-Large mesh-3.0mm


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• highly durable, rust-resistant, and perfect for corrosive and acidic environments like salt-affected and volcanic regions. Its service life is more than 60 years.
• Weighing just only about 1/6th of metal wire mesh, JUDIN®'s mesh significantly reduces labor and project duration. Its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio enhances productivity.
• Its unique turtle shell-like structure prevents continuous breakage, and if torn, it can be easily repaired. Moreover, the mesh is recyclable, contributing to environmental sustainability.
• Offers DIY customized solutions and complete fencing accessory systems
  • Large mesh-3.0mm

Ningbo Judin Company Mainly Produce: 2.8 inch-Plastic mesh fencing-Road fence-Black-Large mesh-3.0mm

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Product Specification

Judin-2.8 inch-Plastic mesh fencing-Road fence-Black-Large mesh-3.0mm-size chart

Mesh size T(mm) A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) Weight Rolls width(m)
Small Mesh 2.0 35 40 43 37 320g/sq.m 1.6
Small Mesh 2.5 35 40 43 37 570g/sq.m 1.6
Small Mesh 3 35 40 43 37 850g/sq.m 1.6
Large Mesh 2.5 45 50 71 59 400g/sq.m 2
Large Mesh 3 45 50 71 59 590g/sq.m 2
Super Large Mesh 2.5 73 80 100 85 280g/sq.m 1.8
Super large Mesh 3 73 80 100 85 360g/sq.m 1.8

Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength EN ISO527 Mpa ≥230 ≥230
Elongation at break ENISO527 % ≥30 ≥30
Tensile Modulus ASTM D638 Mpa ≥7000 ≥7000
UV resistance ENISO4892-3 Mpa ≥200 ≥200
Heavy Metal Free ROHS Directive
Conformity Conformity

Product Details

Polyester Wire is exclusively made of bare PET monofilaments, clearly indicating a non-insulated wire. Each individual filament in the wire is meticulously designed to ensure superior non-conductivity and durability. With precise attention to detail in the monofilament's cross-section, Polyester Wire guarantees optimal performance for high resistance mesh applications on land.

Judin-2.8 inch-Plastic mesh fencing-Road fence-Black-Large mesh-3.0mm-Product Details

DIY Fence Mesh

Experience the strength and versatility of our DIY Fence Solutions module featuring polyester wire. Crafted with high-quality polyester material, this wire offers exceptional durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions. Whether you're constructing a garden fence or a pet enclosure, our polyester wire module provides a reliable and long-lasting fencing solution. With easy installation and customizable options, you can create a secure and attractive fence that perfectly suits your needs. Choose DIY Fence Solutions with Polyester Wire for a hassle-free and robust fencing experience.

Judin-2.8 inch-Plastic mesh fencing-Road fence-Black-Large mesh-3.0mm-DIY Fence Mesh

DIY Fence Mesh


Judin-2.8 inch-Plastic mesh fencing-Road fence-Black-Large mesh-3.0mm-road fence
Judin-2.8 inch-Plastic mesh fencing-Barrier-Fence-of-Marine-640-640
Judin-2.8 inch-Plastic mesh fencing-Large mesh-3.0mm-Sport-Fencing-640-640
Judin-2.8 inch-Plastic mesh fencing-Rockfall-Netting-640-640
Judin-2.8 inch-Plastic mesh fencing-Road fence-Black-Large mesh-3.0mm-Farm Fence & Animal Fence

About JUDIN Group

Judin-2.8 inch-Plastic mesh fencing-Road fence-Black-Large mesh-3.0mm-Judin Factory

Judin Factory

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Judin Factory-1

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Judin Factory-2


1.7in-2.8 inch-Plastic mesh fencing-Road fence-Black-Large mesh-3.0mm-Exhibition

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Q1: When can I get the price?

A: Within 24 hours after we get your inquiry. If you are urgent to get the price, please call me or tell me in the email.

Q2: How can I get sample to check your quality?

A: After price confirmation, you can inquire for samples to check our quality.

Q3: Can you accept our custom made logo and for packing ?

A: Yes. We can produce the box with your design, logo and pattern.

Q4: Are you manufacturing or Trading company?

A: We are manufacturing company, we can supply you all the products about lawn care.

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Ningbo Judin Company Mainly Produce: 2.8 inch-Plastic mesh fencing-Road fence-Black-Large mesh-3.0mm

(Please Contact Us&Get Free Quote Now. )

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