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Experience unlimited possibilities with Aquaculture Nets' bespoke solutions, expertly crafted with resilient polyester wire.
HopeNet ® represents a game-changing solution for net enclosures in the aquaculture industry. Its polyester monofilament double twisted mesh construction, coupled with its extended design life, provides enhanced structural stability and longevity. Customizable to fit different net pen shapes, HopeNet ® optimizes fish growth while minimizing costs. Choose HopeNet ® for a stronger, safer, and more efficient net enclosure solution.

From Standard Stock

Get pre-made design

Sourcing from our standard Trimmer Line stock is the fastest and most cost-effective way to bring products to the market. Browse our product pages for a wide selection. If you don't find what you're looking for, feel free to inquire, and we'll gladly assist you.

Creating Your Own

Free design support

If you're planning to order large quantities of stock, it may be worth investing in a unique Trimmer Line design. We manage the 5-part process on your behalf, advising on relevant design options and ensuring the technical feasibility of the project.
Showcasing 3D Renderings of Customized Net Pens

#1 Determine Your Trimmer Line Monofilament Material

Introducing Innovative Hopenet, the pioneer in showcasing 3D renderings of customized net pens. With the utilization of high-quality polyester wire, our net pens exhibit unparalleled strength and durability. Through our advanced 3D rendering technology, customers can visualize and customize their net pens with precision, ensuring the perfect fit for their specific requirements. Experience the innovation and reliability of Innovative Hopenet as we bring your customized net pen designs to life, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the final product before it's even produced. Trust us to deliver exceptional quality and tailored solutions for your net pen needs.
Customizable Diagrams Of Various Shapes

#1 Determine Your Trimmer Line Monofilament Material

Introducing Innovative Hopenet Customization, A Cutting-Edge Platform That Revolutionizes The Creation Of Schematic Diagrams. With A Focus On Square, Cylindrical, And Truncated Pyramid Shapes, This Platform Offers Unparalleled Flexibility And Adaptability. Whether You Need A Square Pyramid With A Polygonal Base, A Cylindrical Pyramid With A Circular Base, Or A Truncated Pyramid With Trapezoidal Faces, HopeNet ® Customization Has Got You Covered. Its Advanced Features Allow Users To Tailor Every Aspect Of These Diagrams To Meet Their Unique Requirements. With HopeNet ®, Harness The Power Of Innovation To Create Visually Stunning And Informative Schematic Diagrams That Captivate And Engage Your Audience.

Shape 1 2 3 4
Custom Process

1. The Customer Provides The Shape And Size Of The Customized Cage

We specialize in customizing net cages according to our customers' specific shape, size, and dimension requirements. Whether it's a circular cage with a specific diameter, a cage with customized jump and depth dimensions, or a tapered bottom mesh, we are dedicated to delivering personalized solutions. Our goal is to provide net cages that perfectly match your specifications, ensuring optimal functionality and performance. Partner with us for a tailored net cage that meets your exact needs and delivers exceptional results.
 Diameter Size: ∅ 40000 mm
Jump Net Size: 1200 mm
Depth Dimension: 20000 mm
Whether The Bottom Net Has A Taper: 8000 mm

2. Customer Chooses HopeNet Mesh Size

We offer a comprehensive range of options for mesh size customization. We understand the significance of selecting the right mesh size to meet specific requirements. With HopeNet ®, customers have the flexibility to choose the ideal mesh size for their needs. Whether you require a smaller mesh size for fine filtration or a larger mesh size for increased water flow, we have you covered. Our goal is to provide customers with the freedom to customize their HopeNet® mesh size, ensuring optimal performance and desired results. Trust us to deliver a tailored solution that aligns perfectly with your unique specifications.
* A= width inside
* B= width center
* C= height inside
* D= diagonal inside
* T= PET monofilament thickness
Mesh sizeT T(mm) A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D (mm) Weight Rolls width (m)
Small Mesh 2,50 35 40 43 37 570 g/sq.m 1,60
Small Mesh 3,00 35 40 43 37 850 g/sq.m 1,60
Large Mesh 3,00 45 50 71 59 590 g/sq.m 2,00
Super Large Mesh 3,00 73 80 100 85 360 g/sq.m 1,80
Design Floor Plans According To Requirements
Design Ropes For Cages According To Requirements
Splicing Cages And Tying Ropes According To The Confirmed Design Drawings
Net Cage Packing Cabinet Delivery
Customize Your Free Custom Design Innovative Hopenet on Your Needs
Your Customization Partner. We bring your unique ideas to life with top-notch customized products. From personalized merchandise to bespoke promotional items, we offer a wide range of customization options. Our dedicated team ensures exceptional results with state-of-the-art technology and meticulous craftsmanship. Choose HopeNet ® for innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Contact us to discuss your requirements and discover the endless possibilities of personalized products.
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