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Unlock the Potential of Wiggle Wire: Unbreakable, Lightweight, and Effortless Installation for Everyone!
Introducing Wiggle Wire: the ultimate solution for all your wire needs! Crafted from 100% polyester material, this wire is a powerhouse of strength, durability, and high UV resistance. Its unique design ensures zero damage to secured plastic film, while the special polyester construction guarantees rust-free performance and years of reliable use. With resistance to corrosion, acid, sulfur, and the ability to withstand scorching sun without deformation, Wiggle Wire is built to last.
is produced with Polyester and the advantag-es they offer are listed below. One would choose between the 2 based on the area of usage. Most of the advantages these lines offer over the conventional metal cables are the same with a few significant differences making them the preferred choices for certain applications.
is specially designed monofilaments to sub stitute the use of conventional steel cables and wire for farming, agriculture, vineyards, orchards, culture under cover, wind breakers, green houses ( shading and roofing), safe fences for animal husbandry, cover for dams and ponds, marine cultures and variety of other applications.
JUDIN ® Cross Section
Polyester Wire is exclusively made of bare PET monofilaments, clearly indicating a non-insulated wire. Each individual filament in the wire is meticulously designed to ensure superior non-conductivity and durability. With precise attention to detail in the monofilament's cross-section, Polyester Wire guarantees optimal performance for high resistance mesh applications on land.
Superior Polyester Wire: Unmatched Performance!
Standard Size
S Φ2.5mm x 2m 300pieces/box
H Φ3.0mm x 2m 300pieces/box

1. High strength, durability, high UV resistance. No damage to the plastic film! The wiggle wire made of 100% polyester is very light!

2. Due to the 100% polyester, it will no trust and can be used for many years! The wiggle wire made of special polyester material is resistant to corrosion,acid and sulfur, etc.; it will not be deformed when exposed to the sun.

3. Because it is a plastic product, it can be easily cut to an appropriate length!

4. Installation at both ends of the wiggle wire is effortless and easy to operate!

5. wiggle wire has an arc-shaped concave-convexgroove in the transverse direction, which is convenient for pressing and installing!

6. Women can also install it effortlessly!
To meet the different needs of Zigzag Wire
Revolutionize your wire applications with Wiggle Wire! This innovative product is a game-changer for a variety of uses. From securing fences and nets to supporting structures, Wiggle Wire's high-strength, UV-resistant, and corrosion-proof polyester material guarantees unmatched durability. With effortless installation, lightweight design, and the ability to easily customize the length, Wiggle Wire is the ultimate solution. Upgrade your wire applications today and experience the reliability and convenience of Wiggle Wire!
Wiggle Wire Specifications
Unleash the Power of Wire Solutions! Experience unparalleled strength and durability with our Wiggle Wire mesh system. Our customizable specifications, easy installation, and comprehensive support ensure a seamless experience. Committed to sustainability, we provide environmentally friendly solutions that meet industry standards. Trust Wiggle Wire for reliable and secure wire systems tailored to your needs. Upgrade your applications with our high-quality specifications. Contact us today and discover the true potential of Wiggle Wire for your projects.


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