Aquaculture Nets  Solution
High Durability and Escape Prevention
Stronger, safer, better, Made from polyester monofilament double twisted mesh, HopeNet ® offers a 20year+ design life. HOPENET is more structurally stable, enabling net pens to be used in more exposed conditions than before. HopeNet ® provides optimum conditions for the growth of many fish species, in addition to reducing the whole life costs of the net enclosure.
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Reduced Cleaning

Means greater profits. The smooth PET monofilaments of dramatically reduce biofouling. Antifouling paint is not necessary, and the net pen does not necessarily have to be removed from the water for cleaning.

Resistant To Fatigue Bending

Compared with copper alloy materials through homogeneous friction damage and single wire bending tests, the fatigue bending performance of HopeNet is 300+ times that of copper mesh.

Maximise Water Flow

The PET monofilaments have high intensity and weight. Couple this with HopeNet's anti-fouling properties and make HopeNet with a higher mesh ratio. This enables greater water flow and better oxygenation.

Increased Escape Prevention

HopeNet ® PET monofilaments is waving by manipulator which gives it higher intensity.Even if the mesh is damaged it will hardly unravel or unzip, maintaining the integrity of the net pen and your fish stocks within it.

Easy To Handle

Can remain in water for years without removal or antifouling treatment. It practically does not absorb water and become saturated, making it easier and safer to handle, even when wet.

Environmentally Friendly

The HopeNet® No toxic. chemical-resistance and won't be rusted or rotted resistant,The PET used in HopeNet isd recyclable, and no chemical anti-fouling paints are required.
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Having trouble finding the ideal solution for your industry? We offer free samples for you to test quality.
We specialize in providing custom solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers. We offer free samples from Judin ® that you can take advantage of.
"Judin®'s HopeNet is a game-changer for deep-sea aquaculture! Reduced cleaning, fatigue-resistant, maximized water flow. Increased escape prevention and easy handling. Environmentally friendly. Highly recommended for tuna farming."
- Robert Smith
"As an aquaculture researcher, I am impressed with Judin ® 's HopeNet. Reduced cleaning saves time and increases profitability. The exceptional fatigue resistance surpasses copper nets. Maximizing water flow and escape prevention. Easy handling and environmentally friendly. A top choice for deep-sea tuna farming."
- Justin Johnson
"Judin®'s HopeNet is a reliable choice for deep-sea fishery. Reduced cleaning saves valuable time and resources. The fatigue resistance and increased escape prevention provide peace of mind. Easy handling and environmentally friendly. Trust Judin for efficient and sustainable deep-sea net solutions."
 - John Anderson
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