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Normal Trimmer Line/Judin ® Commercial Trimmer Line/The Shark-Tuff ® Heavy Duty Nylon Trimmer Line Test Product Qualified Standard
Standards for wire diameter, appearance, color variation, and internal condition ensure the quality, reliability, and consistency of wires used in various industries. They establish wire ranges for wire thickness, surface imperfections, color deviation, and internal integrity, ens using proper performance and compatibility. These standards play a crucial role in production, inspection, and overall safety and efficiency of wire applications.
Appearance Standard
Test Qualified Standard
Appearance Standard
 Line length standard
The Line Length Standard for Trimmer Line establishes guidelines for the length of trimmer lines used in gardening and landscaping equipment. This standard ensures uniformity and precision in the length of trimmer lines, which directly affects their performance and cutting capabilities. Adhering to this standard allows manufacturers to produce trimmer lines of consistent lengths, providing users with reliable and efficient tools for maintaining lawns and gardens. Embracing the Line Length Standard promotes uniformity and quality in trimmer lines, enhancing user experience and productivity in various outdoor trimming applications.
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Trimmer Line length Measurement
Trimmer Line length Measurement
 Wire Diameter Standard
Wire diameter measurement is a key inspection process to ensure accuracy. Thinner mowing lines are generally suitable for light mowing tasks or small lawns. Thicker mowing lines are usually suitable for larger areas of lawn or tasks that require handling taller and harder lawns. This needs to be decided according to the actual demand scenario and the adaptation of the lawn mower.
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Wire Diameter Measurement
Wire Diameter Measurement
 Difference Standard Of Thread Color
The color of the mowing line can provide an auxiliary effect for mowing under certain circumstances: some bright colors, such as orange and yellow mowing lines, are easier to notice during the mowing process and help remind people to pay attention to mowing. The operating area of the machine is reduced to reduce the probability of accidental injury. For the Checkerboard Series mowing lines, this color improves the visibility of the product in low-light environments.
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Trimmer Line In Different Colors
Custom Color Wheel
 Inside The Line State Standard
Check for air bubbles within the trim line structure. Techniques such as visual inspection, pressure testing or ultrasound can be used to detect and assess the presence and size of bubbles. If there are air bubbles in the mowing line, the following problems may occur:
1. Reduced cutting ability 2. Increased risk of cord breakage 3. The mowing cord is stuck or entangled, affecting the normal operation of the lawn mower. By identifying and resolving any bubble-related issues, the overall quality and reliability of your production line can be maintained across a variety of applications.
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Line Internal State Standard
Line Internal State Standard
Test Qualified Standard
 Tensile strength testing standards for Trimmer Line
At JUDINGROUP, we have state-of-the-art facilities and skilled technicians to rigorously evaluate samples for tensile strength, resistance and flexibility. If the mowing string does not have enough tensile strength, it may break, deform, or loosen during the mowing process, resulting in a reduced cutting effect. Having sufficient tensile strength provides better mowing results and reduces the need for repairs and replacements.
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Trimmer line-Tensile strength-JUDINGROUP.pdf 366 2024-04-17 Garden Trimmer Download
Test Strength Every Batch
Test Strength Every Batch Video Display
 Abrasion resistance testing standards for Trimmer Line
Abrasion resistance testing is very important for mowing lines because it is one of the key indicators for evaluating the durability and service life of the mowing line.
Good wear resistance ensures that the mowing line maintains a stable shape and cutting effect during use, providing efficient mowing for a longer period of time. Reduces the need for frequent replacement of mowing lines. Trust the JUDINGROUP line of trimmers to withstand the toughest trimming tasks, delivering long-lasting performance you can count on.
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JudinGroup-Trimmer line-Abrasion resistance testing standards.pdf 226 2024-04-18 Garden Trimmer Download
Abrasion Test
Abrasion Test Video Display
 Passing criteria for Trimmer Line testing
JUDINGROUP Trimmer Line's proven performance through rigorous testing. At JUDINGROUP, we subject our trimmer line to comprehensive evaluations to ensure exceptional quality. Our skilled technicians and cutting-edge facility meticulously assess factors like strength, durability, and reliability. We leave no stone unturned in rectifying any variations, continuously improving our product. With JUDINGROUP Trimmer Line, you can confidently tackle any trimming task, knowing it has surpassed our rigorous testing and is ready to deliver outstanding results.
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JudinGroup-Trimmer line-Passing criteria for Trimmer Line testing.pdf 170 2024-04-18 Garden Trimmer Download
Passed The Test
Passed The Test Video Display
 Durability testing standards for Trimmer Line

The durability test process of the JUDINGROUP trimmer series ensures the excellent service life of the mowing line. By hitting metal objects to simulate the collision and friction between the mowing line and hard obstacles in the use scenario, the durability of the product is tested. These tests simulate the conditions a mowing line may face when used outdoors, determining its durability and performance in a variety of environmental conditions.
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JudinGroup-Trimmer line-Durability testing standards.pdf 175 2024-04-18 Garden Trimmer Download
Durability Testing
Durability Testing Video Display
 Sound attenuation testing standards for Trimmer Line
JUDIN ® Trimmer Line's sound attenuation testing process, ensuring quiet operation. At Judin, we prioritize minimizing noise levels and subject our trimmer line to rigorous tests. Our advanced facility and skilled technicians meticulously evaluate samples for sound reduction, ensuring a quiet and pleasant trimming experience. With a steadfast commitment to quality, we rectify any variations, continuously improving our product's noise attenuation. Trust JUDIN® Trimmer Line for a tranquil trimming experience, where performance and peace go hand in hand.
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Noise Test
Noise Test Video Display
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